oceanicsign160 Use cable television to speak directly to your market, whether it’s kids, teens or adults, men or women. Cable networks carry programs to reach specific segments of the TV viewing market. Financial networks broadcast Wall Street reports and company profiles to capture the business market. Similarly, other networks offer programming specifically for sports fans, music lovers or educators.

This strategic programming makes cable advertising the most cost-effective way to reach your customers based on demographic, geographic or lifestyle information.

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to network advertising, Oceanic offers a solid line-up of exclusive sponsorship opportunities including Hawaiian Music Specials, live prep sporting events and merchant programs such as MyTV and the Oceanic Keiki Club.

Advertising Success

Advertisers who use cable know that it works. By strategically choosing cable networks for their target markets, businesses continue to see impressive returns.

For more information, call the Oceanic Ad Sales Department at (808) 625-9777.

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