technology The Oceanic Time Warner Cable signal delivery system is a hybrid fiber optic coaxial plant that was installed as part of a $73 million system upgrade in the 1990s. It is a 750 MHz system with plenty of room to expand.

Signals travel in both directions so that customers can receive Interactive TV and high-speed Internet services. To accommodate future needs, two extra fiber optic pairs were installed for every neighborhood. As Internet usage increases, the spare fiber pairs will be utilized to provide additional bandwidth.

In January 2000, Oceanic was the first American cable system to introduce Video On Demand. Customers can select any movie from a menu of over 100 titles, push a button on the remote control and enjoy the movie instantly. The customer can pause their movie, fast forward or rewind it at will.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable modem service has become the largest ISP in the state of Hawaii after only three years.

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