Helping Our Schools

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Oceanic understands that building better communities means building up our young people. That's why we continue to devote our resources to help improve Hawaii's public schools.

Our contributions and services include:

  • Providing over 250 schools across the state with free cable service as part of Cable in the Classroom, a national initiative to improve education through cable technology.
  • Our commitment to programs like the TWC National Teacher Awards.
  • Donating 500 television sets to Hawaii's schools.
  • Free high-speed Internet connections to over 150 schools.
  • Free high-speed Internet access to all Oahu public libraries.

Inspiring Pride in Our Young People

Oceanic is the creator of "School Spirit, Personal Pride," a program that gives all area high schools a chance to speak positively about their campus, programs, teachers and student body. High school athletes and their schools get a chance to shine via our telecasts of OIA sporting events.