Oceanic Time Warner Cable is proud to announce it’s support of the Oahu SPCA.
Oceanic Time Warner Cable will create public awareness via it’s Oceanic VIP newsletter, oceanic.com’s community section, social media and aroundhawaii.com. Please support the Oahu SPCA by pressing the “DONATE NOW” button below and contributing with your heart. Oahu SPCA rescues animals suffering from abuse, neglect and abandonment all over the island each day. More than 20 dogs and cats are rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed each week. Oahu SPCA cares for approximately 65 dogs and 100 cats per day, including spaying/neutering, micro chipping and medical & behavioral rehabilitation in preparation for adoption.
With the help of generous supporters such as yourself and the assistance of over 2,000 volunteers, the Oahu SPCA was able to save more than 2,100 animals within their first year. Oahu SPCA’s large volunteer force helps guarantee that most of the funds received go to the care and treatment of their rescued animals. Oahu SPCA’s goal is to gather 200 sponsors to cover monthly expenses for every dog and cat that is rescued. They’re are open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 3pm (closed on Monday). Volunteers and donations are welcome seven days a week, even on holidays, starting at 8am. Oahu SPCA provides low cost, veterinarian services and promotes spaying/neutering as an important service to our community. We thank you for your support in making a difference.
Physical Address: 501 Kealahou St, A31-41, Honolulu, HI 96825 Postal Address: PO Box 25145, Honolulu, HI, 96825 Intake Enquiries: intake@oahuspca.org / 808-754-1519 Adoption & Foster Enquiries: adoption@oahuspca.com / 808-754-1519 Sterilization & Wellness clinic: clinic@oahuspca.org / 808-754-1519 General Information: info@oahuspca.org

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