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Proposed Facility
The proposed Oahu SPCA Shelter and Emergency Care/Sterilization Facility.

The Oahu SPCA was founded in April of 2009 and launched its mission, “Every healthy, treatable animal will find a forever home.” The overwhelming support of our community members was instrumental in helping to establish the first Oahu SPCA and largest animal welfare organization in the State of Hawaii with a “no-kill philosophy.” On July 18, 2009, 432 animals were relinquished to the Oahu SPCA after the owner of an animal sanctuary in Waianae passed away. The Oahu SPCA rescued all 432 animals in 48 hours, which marked the largest animal rescue in the history of Hawaii.

Animals make a significant difference in the lives and are part of approximately 60% of the families on Oahu. The Oahu SPCA has assumed much of the responsibility in our community, to rehabilitate and protect these animals from abandonment. We care for about 250 dogs and cats per day. Almost 2,000 animals are rescued, rehabilitated and placed in new homes each year. The Oahu SPCA relies on funding by private and corporate donations, grants and over 4,000 volunteers. Our volunteer force ensures most of the funds received go primarily to the care, medical and behavioral treatment of our rescued animals. This includes all necessary surgeries including orthopedic, eye corrective surgeries, tumor removal, sterilization, micro chipping and inoculations.

Approximately 365,000 dogs and cats are part of Oahu’s family members. It is estimated that 30%, or about 120,000 are not sterilized. The problem of animal overpopulation is compounded each year by our tropical climate, promoting year round breeding, coupled by a growing transient human population. Two unaltered dogs and their offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years. In seven years two unaltered cats and their offspring can produce 160,000 kittens. The ramifications of these numbers translate to more than 33,000 homeless pets on Oahu per year abandoned at our shelter and in our neighborhoods. The Oahu SPCA is the youngest shelter in history ever to receive the Bob Barker, DJ&T Foundation Grant Funding. This provides 100% of the cost for anyone who cannot afford the sterilization and microchip identification. This is the key to reducing the number of homeless animals and saving the lives of thousands of animals per year that would have otherwise been euthanized.

Rescued Pet
Above is one of the extreme cases we are rehabilitating.

State of Hawaii recognition
The Lieutenant Governor presents The State of Hawaii’s DBEDT, SEP Grant 2012.

City and County recognition
Oahu SPCA receives the City and County Community Service Award for Outstanding Achievement.

The Oahu SPCA is eliminating free roaming packs of feral and aggressive dogs and reducing the population of feral cats. These animals endanger drivers, children, visitors and especially themselves. Feral dogs and cats spread disease to humans and pets, procreate amongst themselves and enter into our properties endangering our pets. The Oahu SPCA traps many of the feral dogs on our island. We sterilize, behaviorally rehabilitate and adopt them to forever homes. Our volunteers trap, sterilize and manage feral cat populations all over Oahu. Before we were established it was common to see packs of puppies running the freeways endangering themselves and motorists as well.

Sterilization is the key to reaching a long term solution to pet overpopulation and reducing or in eliminating the euthanasia of companion animals. The Oahu SPCA has a state of the art Sterilization Clinic with the capacity of sterilizing 150 dogs and cats per week (approximately 7,800 annually). We provide the lowest cost sterilization to the public. Combined with three mass sterilization clinics scheduled throughout the year (reaching about 400 animals per clinic), we can sterilize 9,000 animals per year.

The Oahu SPCA is in the process of identifying a parcel where we can construct a new shelter facility with sterilization clinic. The square footage of our new sterilization center will be twice the area in which we are currently operating. This will allow our sterilization clinics to operate more efficiently. The mass sterilization of the feral and companion animals on Oahu over a 7-year period will create an effective system of population control to reduce and potentially eliminate the need for euthanasia.

The Oahu SPCA is seeking funding and building materials for the construction of our new facility with the estimated construction cost of $350,000. In commemoration of your tax-deductible donation we will place your company’s logo on a 2’x2’ custom tile for the walkway of our central corridor as well as our websites.

The Oahu SPCA was voted the #1 Charity in Hawaii out of all the registered non-profits. Our website receives 9,000 hits per month and our Facebook page has 6,800 followers. We acknowledge each of our benefactors on both platforms. Our organization has become a community center where families come together, learn to help one that is less fortunate, and what it means to be a responsible pet owner. We have become a vital force in our community since we established the largest animal shelter in Hawaii, with a “no-kill” philosophy. Our organization is key to reducing the animal population and homelessness on our island. We need your help to establish our new, permanent facility to continue our mission.

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Together we can save the lives of thousands of animals each year and improve the lives of people in our community each day.

Mahalo for your support,

All of us from the Oahu SPCA

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