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Around Hawaii

October’s featured article

Hanging With The Honu

by John Johnson

Lemme out here!
“Lemme outta here! I’m surrounded by morons that don’t think I know how to feed myself!”

September has been a hot month. The last couple weeks have real steamers, with the temperatures and the humidity high while the trade winds have gone elsewhere to blow. In the midst of all this, I think the heat has gone to some people’s heads.

Witless Protection Program
Someone just joined the Witless Protection program…

In the middle of the heat wave, lots of people have the same idea—“let’s get in the water.” That and the glassy conditions led to me and a friend taking a trip to the north shore to shoot pictures of the turtles. It’s no secret that there are places on the north shore where the limu grows thick on rocks close to shore and this growth attracts the hungry honu.

Limu growth on the rocks
Limu growth on the rocks. Don’t worry—turtles will get to it when the tide is high…

These places are great for taking pictures and turtle-watching.

Unfortunately, you can also observe a lot of questionable people behavior.

As the honu have become more popular, places like Laniakea have become problematic. Traffic long ago became a nightmare as turtle watchers swarmed across the road in asynchronous fashion, interrupting traffic and slowing it down to a crawl.

Honu eats limu
Honu will fall all over themselves to eat the limu.

The traffic alone wasn’t the problem. Another issue is that man (and woman), when not prevented from doing so, are capable of doing some pretty bone-headed things with respect to nature. I have seen people crowd the honu, touch them, ride them, and pull at them. I have even seen people who thought it was funny to try to pose a cigarette butt in the mouth of a turtle for a picture…

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