Oceanic Keiki Club


Hey parents!

Do you have kids 2 to 12? If so, sign up your child for Oceanic’s Keiki Club (OKC) and start receiving cool discounts now. OKC is a free club that lets you save money at participating sponsor locations and treats your child to special events throughout the year.


Joining is Easy

Signing up your child for membership is simple. As the parent or guardian, you just need to complete our online signup form to receive your child’s OKC card in the mail. Then, have your child present his/her card to our participating sponsors and enjoy valuable savings. You must be a Hawaii resident to qualify.

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As a parent of OKC member, I will hold Oceanic Time Warner Cable, its employees, and sponsors harmless from any injury caused by or connected with any sponsored event. My child pledges to be chemical free and remain in school until graduation or forfeit membership privileges.

By checking this box, I certify that I am over 18 years of age and the legal guardian of my child that I have registered.