3-Way Calling for Home Phone

3 Way Calling

3-Way Calling Information

3-Way Calling is a calling feature that allows a customer to add a third party to an existing conversation. 3-Way Calling is a standard feature of the Home Phone package and is offered at no additional cost. Contact us now to add 3-Way Calling.

How does it work?

To make a three-way call, simply:

  • Place your first call.
  • Once connected, hit the “FLASH” button to put your first call on hold.
  • When you hear the new dial tone, place your second call.
  • Once connected to your second call, hit the “FLASH” button again to connect all three parties (yourself, and your first and second calls).

NOTE: If you don’t have a “FLASH” button, press “TALK” or the “SWITCH HOOK” push button on your telephone.