Will my oceanic.com & twc.com login information continue to work?

Yes and no. Your oceanic.com login will move with you, as long as you transfer your service within the state of Hawaii. The twc.com login, unfortunately will not transfer to your new address. After your service is reactivated at your new address, you may re-register for a new username and password.

Will I be issued a new account number?

Yes, each time you move you are issued a new account number. So, if you currently have automatic bill payment setup through your financial institution, you may need to inform them of your new account number. If you have automatic bill payments setup through Oceanic Time Warner Cable, in most cases, we can transfer your automatic payments to your new Hawaii address.

When should I call to setup my move?

We will need to schedule an appointment to have an installer visit your new home to activate the cable service, so we do recommend that you call us at least two weeks in advance to setup your appointment.

Can I reuse my cable equipment at my new address?

In most cases, when you are moving within the same island, you are able to reuse all of your existing cable equipment at your new address, allowing you to keep your DVR recordings, TWC email address, and Home Phone number. However, if you are moving off-island, your existing equipment will need to be returned prior to your departure.

I need to move my cable to a new address; how do I get started?

Please call an experienced Customer Care Representative to enter your order and get started. We are available 24 hours per day at 808-643-2100.

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