Setting Up Your Cable Box

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Your cable box provides you access to Premium Channels, such as HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. The hook up method for your box depends on the type of television system you have. Please choose your system type to see setup instructions.


Cable Box Features

Digital customers can take advantage of many advanced features in the Scientific Atlanta Model Explorer 2000, including:

  • Fully-interactive digital TV set top box
  • MPEG and AC-3 digital decoding
  • S-Video, digital audio, USB rear panel connectors
  • VCR commander IR blaster
  • Picture-In-Picture Interactive Program Guide
  • Video On Demand capability
  • 54 MHz microprocessor

Front Panel


1. Smart card slot
2. Message light
3. Displays channel numbers and time of day
4. Indicates optional bypass feature is on
5. VOL- and VOL+ buttons - Increase or decrease volume
6. For technician use only
7. CH- and CH+ buttons - Scroll up and down through channels
8. Activates Explorer 2000 cable box

Back Panel


1. Ethernet connector (future option)
2. USB - Universal Serial Bus (future option)
3. IEEE 1394 (future option)
4. Digital Audio Out to audio input of surround sound audio equipment
5. Data out for optional VCR commander module
6. S-Video Out to S-Video input of TV, VCR or projectors
7. Video Out to video input of TV or VCR
8. Audio Out (L/R) to left/right audio input of TV, stereo audio or VCR
9. Cable Out to cable input of TV or VCR
10. Cable In from cable wall outlet
11. Bypass to RF bypass module (future option)
12. AC Power input
13. AC Switched Outlet to AC power cord of another device such as a TV or lamp

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