Impaired Signal Checklist

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Before calling our Repair Center, browse through the following checklist for symptoms that are cable-related. Some problems may be with your television set.

tv_ImpairedSignal3.gif Screen is lit but no picture appears; blue screen, complete snow or a picture appears but you hear no sound on every channel; or no light on the screen appears with or without sound.
  1. Be sure TV is on channel 3.
  2. Antenna source must be on CATV or Cable (see owner's manual).
  3. Please call Repair Center at (808) 643-2100, open 24 hours.
tv_ImpairedSignal1.gif "Snow" effect may be accompanied by poor sound. This could be caused by nearby interference or a temporary broadcast problem. Check other channels to see if the television broadcast station is experiencing difficulty.
tv_ImpairedSignal2.gif Speckled bands across the picture could be caused by external interference or a heavy-duty appliance running. Turn appliance off or switch channels.
tv_ImpairedSignal4.gif Straight or wavy lines appear diagonally. This may be caused by TV malfunctioning or external interference.
tv_ImpairedSignal5.gif "Ghosting" double images are caused by signal interference usually on channels used by local stations off cable. Adjust fine tuning. Tighten cable connections.
tv_ImpairedSignal6.gif If picture is rolling vertically, adjust vertical hold control.
tv_ImpairedSignal7.gif If the picture pulls horizontally, slowly adjust the horizontal hold control. Your television may be receiving too much signal.
tv_ImpairedSignal8.gif Picture may be too large or too small for screen vertically or horizontally. Check TV set adjustments.
tv_ImpairedSignal9.gif Horizontal white line runs across the center indicates a collapse of vertical amplifier. Please call your television repairman.

If problems persist, click to chat with our representitives or call our Repair Center at (808) 643-2100.