Power and Safety Checklist

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If you suddenly lose your TV picture, here is a list of things to check in your home or apartment:

  1. Check to see if your TV, VCR, and converter box are plugged in and the power switches to these devices are turned on.
  2. Check to see if reception problems are confined to just one channel. If so, it may be a temporary station broadcasting problem and not a problem with your cable service.
  3. Check to see if other electrical units in the same room are working - you may have blown a fuse or circuit breaker. If a wall switch controls the power to your outlets, see if it is turned on.
  4. Check for wear on your power cord and coaxial cables - pets like to chew on them.
  5. Check to see if power has been reduced in your area - that can affect your reception. When full power is restored, your reception will be as well.
  6. Check the rear of your converter box, TV, and VCR for any loose connections and tighten them if necessary.
  7. If you have a converter box, be sure your TV is tuned to channel 3. Make sure the VCR is appropriately fine-tuned and on channel 3.
  8. Try pressing the TV/VCR switch on your VCR.
  9. Make sure your converter box is tuned to a channel that is currently showing a program.
  10. Check your owner's manual for more information.
  11. Click to chat with a representative or call our Repair Center at (808) 643-2100, open 24 hours.