Ultimate 100 Internet

Ultimate 100

Welcome to the next generation of Internet.

Introducing new Oceanic Time Warner Cable Ultimate 100 Internet. With download speeds of up to 100 Mbps*, it’s power on a whole other level.

With Ultimate 100 Internet, streaming videos can play with DVD quality. Online action games can move with the smoothness of console games. Large files can download super-fast.

Looking to save time and get more done? Ultimate Internet was built for powertasking™. What used to take minutes can now only take seconds. Plus, multiple users can power through multiple tasks at the same time, with plenty of speed for everyone.

Get the bandwidth you need to get more from the online activities you love. No more waiting. No more compromises. Ultimate 100 Internet is here!
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Oceanic Time Warner Cable provides customers the opportunity to purchase service packages. This allows customers to take advantage of a range of offerings and choose a package that fits their lifestyle and save money at the same time.


*Up to 100 Mbps is based on the speed from the local facility to your cable modem. Actual throughput speeds may vary. Not available in all areas.

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