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Helpful Included Features

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Caller ID
Caller ID Block (*67)
Caller ID Restore (*82)
Call Waiting
Cancel Call Waiting (*70)
Call Waiting ID
Call Forwarding (*72)
Speed Dial (*74)
Anonymous Call Reject (*77)
Retrieve Voice Messages (*98)
Local Number Portability
Directory Listing & Directory Assist. Listing
Unlimited Usage
Local Customer Service & Support (611)
Enhanced 911 (911)
Inbound Call Restriction
Outgoing Call Restriction

Important Benefits

Low-Cost Extra Features

Helpful Included Features

Privacy & Security

Call Detail Record Online
As a Digital Phone Customer, just click on MY ACCOUNT and enter your user ID and password to access your Call Record. You can also request a written Call Record at anytime.

Convenience & Quality

One Simple Bill
No more multiple bills for multiple services – Time Warner Cable brings Video, Digital Phone, and High-Speed Internet together on one convenient bill from one company.

Low-Cost EXTRA Features

Voice Mail
For one low monthly fee, have your callers leave messages when you can’t – or prefer not to – answer. All you need is your telephone.

How: To see if you have messages, simply pick up the phone. If you hear a special “Beep-Beep-Beep!” dial tone, simply call your Voice Mailbox, enter your PIN and listen to your messages.

What: Voice Mail automatically plays your recorded greeting and takes a message after a certain number of rings.

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