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We offer reliable, ultra-fast speeds — up to 300Mbps in most locations* — and more Internet choices than any other provider. Select the speed and price that’s right from you from our suite of six speed plans.

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Our fastest speeds ever

We understand your need for speed. You want to get online, stay online and do things quickly. We’ve been upgrading our network, and we offer download speeds up to 300Mbps throughout Hawaii.

Put your connection to the test

Take our speed test at your home. Discover your upload speed and download speed and understand how your Internet compares to other plans.

Choose the speed you need

Load web pages in milliseconds. Download a movie at the last minute and make your flight. Stream shows on multiple devices. Choose from among six speed plans.

 Ultimate 300Ultimate 200Ultimate 100ExtremeBasicEveryday Low Price
up to
300 Mbps
up to
200 Mbps
up to
100 Mbps
up to
50 Mbps
up to
10 Mbps
up to
3 Mbps
up to
20 Mbps
up to
20 Mbps
10 Mbpsup to
5 Mbps
up to
1 Mbps
up to
1 Mbps
TWC Email Accounts3025251055
Email Storage10GB10GB5GB2GB100MB100MB
Free Home WiFi*checkcheckcheck
Free Access to TWC WIFIcheckcheckcheckcheck
Security Softwarecheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Option to buy your own modemcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck

Get the Most Out of Your Internet Service

Maximize home WiFi performance

our Home WiFi performance can be impacted by several factors, such as the location of your modem, running multiple networks and using devices with older WiFi standards.

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Stated speeds are the maximum speeds for each level of Internet Service, and actual speeds may vary. Please see “What affects speed” at to learn about factors that may affect your Internet Service speeds. Actual speeds may vary. Not all service tiers are available in all areas. Many factors affect speed. Internet Service up to 100 Mbps is based on the speed from the local facility to your cable modem. Actual throughput speeds may vary. High-speed Internet is not available in all areas, All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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