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What speed is right for me?

When it comes to the Internet, everyone is a little different. Match your favorite activities to the recommended download speed to get the very best online experience.


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Ultimate 100 up to
Uncompromising data speed for hard-core gamers, DVD-quality video streams and super-fast file transfers of huge files.
Ultimate 75 up to
For multiple users and devices streaming data simultaneously. Great for gamers, continuous video streams and large file transfers.
Ultimate 50 up to
For homes where multiple users and devices use the Internet at the same time. Great for Internet-savvy busy households.
Extreme up to
For multiple users who play games online, stream videos, move large files and need to work from home with ease.
Turbo up to
For customers who need the speed to download files, play online games and watch videos without buffering.
Standard up to
Ideal for everyday use - online shopping and banking, watching videos online, downloading apps and more.
Basic up to
For everyday basic Internet use. Surf the web, connect with friends and family through Facebook, send email and download medium-sized files.
Low Price
up to
Great for the occasional Internet user. A good choice for checking email and doing a light amount of web surfing - at a budget-friendly price.
You have the option to lease a modem from Oceanic Time Warner Cable, or you may purchase your own modem. Click here for information on purchasing your own modem


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Actual speeds may vary. Not all service tiers are available in all areas. Many factors affect speed. Internet Service up to 100 Mbps is based on the speed from the local facility to your cable modem. Actual throughput speeds may vary. High-speed Internet is not available in all areas, All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.