Availability Exceptions

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Availability Exceptions

Oceanic is constantly working to provide greater cable service for Hawaii. While you may be in a location that offers service, the building infrastructure may be incompatible for cable connectivity. Many multi-story apartment and condominium buildings have already been upgraded with high bandwidth (750 MHz) capacity. Residents in these buildings can get service right now.

However, a few units in these upgraded buildings may still encounter non-connectivity. This could be due to several factors:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Improper termination devices
  • Insufficient signal amplification
  • Abnormal return-data levels
  • Or all the above

Oceanic Time Warner Cable is aware of the buildings that have these problems and repairs them as quickly as possible.

Buildings with 360 MHz or 450 MHz bandwidth capacity

Some older multi-story apartment and condominium buildings have 360 MHz or 450 MHz bandwidth capacity (cable viewers may not be able to receive above channel 70). These buildings are on schedule for high bandwidth, 2-way capacity upgrade work. This "upgrade" includes replacing some of the existing infrastructure:

  • Distribution characteristics
  • Wiring
  • Signal amplifiers
  • Termination devices
  • All of the above

Additionally, some buildings require auxiliary conduits or moldings. Oceanic Cable's Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Upgrade Department is systematically upgrading apartment/condominium buildings in the entire Oceanic Time Warner Cable service area, especially in the Makiki, Downtown and the Waikiki areas. When several residents in buildings that have 360 MHz or 450 MHz bandwidth capacity request Internet, the MDU Upgrade Department places the building on high priority. The building owner or Association Of Apartment Owners (AOAO) is contacted and made aware of the upgrade options. This includes an analysis of the current cable design and a proposal to replace or supplement the building wiring with a new system. The building owner or AOAO then approves additions or replacement of the cable system. The work is done free or at nominal cost to the building owner or AOAO.

Businesses or organizations without Oceanic Time Warner Cable TV service

If you own a business or are part of a non-profit or government organization, please contact our Commercial Cable department at (808) 625-8361. An estimator will visit your premises and provide a free customized installation cost appraisal. The installation cost is a one-time cost. Subscription to services such as Music Choice background music service, Commercial Cable TV service and Internet are monthly recurring costs.

If you want to find out if cable modem service is available at your address, please call Customer Service at 643-2337 for more information.