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Call History

Want an easy way to look up your account? Say hello Call History. Now you can go to one place online to view and keep track of the last five months of outbound long distance, International, Operator Services and Directory Assistance calls, including charges for calls not included in your plan. The info you want will be right where you want it − whenever you want it.

Access Call History from My Account
So how do you make this happen? Easy. Just register for My Account. Once you set up a TWC ID, you can log into My Account anytime you want and go to Call History and check on your calls. Sound good?

If you are already a Call History customer, use that username and password to sign in.

Register now for My Account
Not registered for Call History? No problem. This is all you have to do to register for My Account and get access to Call History:

  1. Have your bill handy. You will need your account number, which can be found on the bottom of the second page of any of your past monthly bills or PDF versions of your statements.
  2. Go to the registration page. Begin registering on the right side of the form. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. Start registering now.
  3. Check your email. We will send a message to the email address you provided. Click on the link in the email message to complete the registration process which includes creating a TWC ID.
  4. You’re all set. Sign in to My Account  now and click on the My Home Phone tab to view your Call History.

Remember, once you’re registered for My Account and can access Call History, there are other great features in My Account just waiting to save you time and hassles.

My Account