Global Penny Phone Plan

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Global Penny Phone Plan

International calls for as low as 1¢ per minute.

Our pay-as-you-go plan gives you penny-per-minute rates to 50 countries and highly competitive rates to everywhere else.

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Top Global Penny Phone Plan Features.
Talk a little or talk a lot

Talk a little or talk a lot.

You pay only for the minutes you actually use each month. There are no monthly caps to worry about.

No Surprises

No surprises at the end of the month.

Want to know what it costs to call Afghanistan? How about Zimbabwe? TWC offers highly competitive calling rates to destinations from A to Z.

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Global Penny Phone Plan FAQs

Why would I choose Global Penny Phone Plan over other international calling plans?
The Global Penny Phone Plan offers rates lower than several leading companies' lowest rates, with a small monthly recurring charge to get access to highly competitive calling rates around the world. With the Global Penny Phone Plan, you can call 50 international destinations for one penny per minute.

What’s the difference between the Global Penny Phone Plan and International OnePrice?
With International OnePrice, you can make calls to 100 international destinations for one low monthly rate. Get up to 1,000 minutes each month, with the option to talk longer with low per-minute calling rates. Our new Global Penny Phone Plan offers 1¢ calling rates to over 50 countries and low rates to over 200 countries. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of minutes you can use.

Is there a fee for the Global Penny Phone Plan?
There is a nominal monthly fee to access Global Penny Phone Plan rates of one penny per minute.

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Global Penny Phone Plan is available to customers who subscribe to Time Warner Cable Home Phone service. Global Penny Phone Plan provides special one cent per minute rates for calls to certain international destinations and competitive rates for calls to other countries. The one cent per minute rate plan does not apply to calls to mobile phone numbers except as specified on the plan rate table available at Calls to satellite phones, special services numbers, including foreign toll-free and caller-paid services (900 numbers), calls to chat lines and calls to mobile phones are not included in the Global Penny Phone Plan, except as otherwise stated herein, and will incur per-minute charges. Rates and charges for calls to locations and numbers not specifically included in the Global Penny Phone Plan can be found at Additional charges apply for taxes, fees, directory assistance and operator services calls. TWC reserves the right to monitor usage for possible abuse of service.