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Digital Variety Pak

In addition to the standard cable channels, Digital Variety Pak customers receive Music Choice and the channels below. Order now or call 643-2337.

NFL Network
Get the insider’s look at all things on and off the field-24/7, 365 days a year. With nearly 200 games per year, including Preseason and Thursday Night Football, you’ll never miss a play.
A music, entertainment, lifestyle and multicultural hybrid that melds jazz with vintage soul, R&B and festive Caribbean.
The best of British television featuring acclaimed dramas, comedies, documentaries and news from around the globe.
Bio Channel
24 Hours of the world's most interesting people.
CNBC World
Market coverage from around the world, industry news conferences, analyst calls and interviews with business leaders.
Country music video channel featuring chart-topping and new, cutting-edge country music artists.
A playground for young minds where they can explore their world and satisfy their curiosity in a hip, hot and entertaining way.
An all-encompassing viewing destination for the flight enthusiast and the skyward explorer.
Toon Disney
If you’re a skater, a gamer or a multifaceted player, Disney XD is for you!
Step-by-step information for those who want to take the hands-on approach to getting things done.
Cooking Channel
Explore food and cooking on a different level, offering details and depth on a range of topics.
Movies you grew up with from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.
The most comprehensive coverage of world class soccer leagues and tournaments.
G4 Channel
The 24-hour, seven-days-a-week source of entertainment and information about video games.
Great American Country
The 24-hour country music video network that plays 400 more videos every week than other video networks.
History International
Visit countries around the globe to experience their history and culture.
IFC Channel
Features, documentaries, shorts, animation and cult classics, all made outside the Hollywood studio machine.
Lifetime Channel
Your life, your time. TV and movies for women.
A mix of music from hip-hop to hard rock and everything in between.
Nick Jr.
The friends your pre-schooler knows and the learning you love.
The Outdoor Channel
Programming focused on outdoor lifestyle pursuits such as fishing, hunting and the shooting sports.
Devoted exclusively to the arts featuring visual arts, theater, opera, classical music and jazz, architecture, literature and dance.
The Science Channel
Join with the greatest minds in science as they investigate accepted truths and look toward tomorrow's discoveries.
VH1 Classic
Enjoy classic music videos, concerts and specials from the '60s through the '80s.
Digital Variety Pak also includes: Channel One, Customer Information, eBill, Digital Instructions, Pay-Per-View Highlights, Digital KGMB, Digital KFVE, Digital KHNL, Digital KIKU, PBS Kids, The Pentagon Channel, Jobs On Demand, iADS, PETS, Inspiration Network, OC16 Interactive, Navigator Tutorials, The Green Channel, TAG, iHBO, Showtime Interactive, Las Vegas Channel, Auto, Find It On Demand, Answers On Demand, HD Primetime On Demand, HD On Demand, Daystar, CSPAN2, CSPAN3, Jewelry Television, KBS America, Digital KBFD, Digital KHON, Digital KHET, Digital KITV, The CW, KITV Island Weather/More TV, QVC, Cornerstore TV, Liquidation Channel, Revenue Frontier, Gem Shopping Network, America’s Auction Network, Wize Buys, Shop Zeal 2, The Surf Channel, Ocean Network, EWTN, BYU TV, GSN, This TV, Reelz Channel, New Tang Dynasty, Blue Ocean Network, KHON HD, KFVE HD, KITV HD, KGMB HD, KHNL HD, KHET HD, KPXO HD, and The Surf Channel HD.
Complete Digital Variety Pak Channel List
Channel lineup subject to change without notice.
15 OC16 On Demand
18 Around Hawaii Interactive
108 Fox Business Network
112 NewsChoice
117 CNBC World
118 Bloomberg Television
121 The Weather Channel
134 Mnet
200 SportsChoice
203 NFL Network
208 MLB Network
212 Outdoor Channel
230 Fox Soccer Channel
242 NBA TV
320 Share Your Table
322 Cooking Channel
324 DIY: Do it Yourself Network
326 Oiwi
328 History International
330 Free On Demand
335 HUB
337 The Science Channel
341 BBC America
345 Military Channel
346 Military History Channel
429 Disney Junior
432 KiDz Mosaic
434 Nicktoons
435 GSN
436 Teen Nick
437 G4
439 Boomerang
445 Disney XD
447 Nick Jr.
450 Lifetime Real Women
453 Hallmark Movie Channel
542 LOGO
543 SoapNet
548 The Biography Channel
556 Sleuth
561 National Geographic Wild
563 Chiller
585 GAC: Great American Country
587 CMT: Country Music Television
589 VH1 Classic
592 MTV Hits
595 MTV2
596 Music On Demand
597 Centric
598 BET: Black Entertainment Television
599 Fuse Network
604 AmericanLife TV Network
608 Ovation - The Arts Network
646 Sundance Channel
673 Fox Movie Channel
674 Flix
675 Independent Film Channel
682 NGN4 (NHK World)
710 Driver TV On Demand
711 Movie Trailers On Demand
800 Music Choice - Hawaiian
801 Music Choice: Hit List
802 Music Choice: Hip-Hop and R&B
803 Music Choice: Mix Tape
804 Music Choice: Dance/Electronica
805 Music Choice: Rap
806 Music Choice: Hip Hop Classics
807 Music Choice: Throwback Jamz
808 Music Choice: R&B Classics
809 Music Choice: R&B Soul
810 Music Choice: Gospel
811 Music Choice: Reggae
812 Music Choice: Classic Rock
813 Music Choice: Retro Rock
814 Music Choice: Rock
815 Music Choice: Metal
816 Music Choice: Alternative
817 Music Choice: Classic Alternative
818 Music Choice: Adult Alternative
819 Music Choice: Soft Rock
820 Music Choice: Pop Hits
821 Music Choice: '90s
822 Music Choice: '80s
823 Music Choice: '70s
824 Music Choice: Solid Gold Oldies
825 Music Choice: Party Favorites
826 Music Choice: Stage & Screen
827 Music Choice: Kidz Only!
828 Music Choice: Toddler Tunes
829 Music Choice: Today's Country
830 Music Choice: True Country
831 Music Choice: Classic Country
832 Music Choice: Contemporary Christian
833 Music Choice: Sounds of the Season
834 Music Choice: Soundscapes
835 Music Choice: Smooth Jazz
836 Music Choice: Jazz
837 Music Choice: Blues
838 Music Choice: Singers & Swing
839 Music Choice: Easy Listening
840 Music Choice: Classical Masterpieces
841 Music Choice - Light Classical
842 Music Choice: Musica Urbana
843 Music Choice: Pop Latino
844 Music Choice - Tropicales
845 Music Choice - Mexicana
846 Music Choice: Romances
849 KRTR
851 KDNN
852 KCCN
853 KUCD
854 KDDB
855 KINE
856 KKNE
857 KPOI
858 KPHW
864 KHPR
865 KIPO
866 KTUH
867 KSSK
868 KQMQ
869 KHJZ
870 KUMU
880 NOAA
881 KHVH
882 KPHI
883 KORL
884 KKEA
885 KHKA (will launch on May 4th)
900 Current TV
908 Around Hawaii Interactive
917 RR Photoshow
941 MTV On Demand
942 Karaoke On Demand
943 Music Choice On Demand
951 OC16 On Demand
953 News On Demand
957 Sports On Demand
965 Knowledge On Demand
967 Kids On Demand
969 Lifestyles On Demand
971 TV Guide Spot On Demand
973 Entertainment On Demand
975 Primetime On Demand
1108 Fox Business Network HD
1121 The Weather Channel HD
1203 NFL Network HD
1208 MLB Network HD
1219 ESPN U HD
1328 History International HD
1332 HD Theater
1337 Science Channel HD
1341 BBC America HD
1429 Disney Junior HD
1437 G4 HD
1445 Disney XD HD
1453 Hallmark Movie Channel HD
1548 Biography Channel HD
1593 Palladia
1673 Fox Movie Channel HD
1675 Independent Film Channel HD