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Parental Controls

Time Warner Cable has a longstanding commitment to help parents and children make responsible choices about television and Internet usage.

In this on-the-go world, keeping up with the latest content, safety features, tools and information can be a challenge. That is why Time Warner Cable has partnered with, and These online resources offer a wealth of educational materials, training tips, easy-to-use controls and more to help you make appropriate programming and Internet choices for your family.


Take Control of Your Kids' TV Viewing with Parental Control

In addition to offering family-friendly channels, Time Warner Cable believes we have an important responsibility to provide the necessary tools and resources to manage your children’s use of television. With a Digital Cable set-top box, you can control what your kids can and cannot watch on TV - simply by using your remote control. Here’s what you can do:

  • Block by Rating: You can block any show that is rated TV-PG, TV-14 or TV-MA.
  • Block TV Shows and Series: If you feel a particular TV show or an entire series is unsuitable for your child, you can block all episodes.
  • Block Time Slots: Don’t want your children to watch a specific channel after 10:00 pm or during homework time? You can restrict access by time slot.
  • Block by Channel: Restrict access to entire channels that you do not want your children to watch without your permission, such as Spike and MTV.
  • Lift Restrictions So You Can Watch: Use your PIN anytime you want to turn off parental controls.
  • Change Your PIN: Change your PIN any time and as often as you wish.


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If you are not a Digital Cable customer (i.e., either you don’t have a set-top box or are unsure of your level of service), our trained service professionals can help you find the best way to set up parental controls in your home. Please Contact Us to learn more about what solutions are available.