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Digital TV

At 30 cents a channel, digital cable television is our greatest entertainment value. It includes the widest selection of news, sports, information, music and entertainment channels. You can also choose to add Premium Channels to your digital service.

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Monthly Price: 256 Channels $88.54
Included Services: Standard plus Digital Variety Pak (DVP) plus Digital Addressable Box (for 20 Movie Pass digital channels, add $3.70 to DVP monthly price)  
Monthly Equipment Charges: Addressable Box w/ remote*: *(Required for Digital Service. Plus HD boxes require DVP, HBO or Showtime and HDE.) $ 7.31 primary box
Additional Box $ 5.00
Digital Video Recorder: $12.99
(See channel lineup for channels NOT available with CableCard.)
$ 2.50
Digital Adapter (DTA)
(Used for Basic TV or Standard TV Service.)
$ .99
Whole House DVR Service $19.95
Whole House Digital Receiver $ 5.00
Additional Outlets: No Charge for Standard Service  
To duplicate "Optional Services" on each additional outlet (includes addressable box, Whole House Receiver, or CableCARD).
Duplication is not applicable with HD Entertainment Pak, Whole House DVR and DVR Services.
Additional Monthly Fees: Franchise Fee**: 5%
State Tax**: 4.712% (Oahu) 4.166% (Hilo, Kona, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai)
**Applied to all charges  
Installation Charges: Standard/Basic – up to 3 outlets: $29.99
Each additional TV connection after first 3: $19.99 each
Reconnection charge: $54.99 inside
$18.99 outside only
Each additional TV connection (separate trip) $29.99
Box Exchange / Upgrade $39.99
Phone Authorization: $ 2
Optional Services: Digital Premium Packages
(One package $15.95. Each additional package, add $9.95 per package)
HBO Multiplex: $15.95
Cinemax Multiplex: $15.95
Showtime Multiplex: $15.95
Starz Multiplex: $15.95
The Movie Channel Multiplex: $15.95
Sports Pass (NFL Network, ESPN Classic, NHL, Fuel, NBA TV, Tennis Channel, Fox Sports, CBS Sports & Big Ten Network): $ 9.49
Digital Premium Services  
The Filipino Channel, GMA Pinoy, GMA Life:  
  Any one channel $13.95
  Any two channels $23.95
  Any three channels $29.95
The Chinese Channel: $13.95
CTI (Zhong Tian Channel) & CCTV4 (China Central Television-4) $11.95
Playboy TV & Playboy TV On Demand: 1 Channel = $14.95, 3 Channel Combo (+$14)=$28.95 (Choose any 3 out of 5 from left for $28.95, each additional is $14.95)
Penthouse TV & Penthouse TV On Demand:
The Erotic Network & TEN On Demand:
Hustler TV & Hustler TV On Demand:
Real & Real On Demand:
Manhandle & Manhandle On Demand: $14.95
Nippon Golden Network (NGN) & NGN3: $17.95
NGN 2 (TV JAPAN): $33.95
NGN 3: $14.95
NGN Combo Plus (NGN, NGN2, NGN3): $36.90
Note: NGN4 (NHK World) is included with any NGN subscription
EPIX $9.99
Spanish Package: $ 7.00
Here TV On Demand: $ 7.95
Disney On Demand: $ 3.95
Disney Family Movies On Demand: $ 4.99
HD Entertainment Pak: $ 6.95 (first box)
$ 3.50 (each additional box)
Pay-Per-View / Movies On Demand  
Regular Pay-Per-View movie: $ 4.99 standard definition $ 5.99 HD
Adult Pay-Per-View movie: $ 7.99 and up
Special Event Pay-Per-View: varies
Music Choice Service  
Cable for your stereo with 47 stations of CD-quality sound plus 20 local FM stations. Included with Digital Service