On Demand - How To Order

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Use your remote to order movies

Movies On Demand

Purchase and control movies (Pause, Rewind, and Fast-Forward) using your remote. The movie will begin immediately and can be viewed for up to 24 hours.

  1. To order, tune to channel 990 or 620.
  2. Use the Navigational Arrows to highlight your desired movie title.
  3. Press (SELECT) for a brief description, along with the rating, run time and price.
  4. Press [B] to purchase the event.
  5. If the PPV PIN is enabled, enter your PIN to confirm your order. (Default PIN should be 0000).
  6. Use the On Demand controls to Pause, Rewind, and Fast-Forward though the event.

Adult On Demand is available on Ch 740. Call Customer Care to restrict access.

For more information, refer to our Cable TV Users Guide, available by following this link.