Switched Digital Video and Adapter Devices

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Switched Digital Video

About Switched Digital Video (SDV)

Channels delivered using Switched Digital Video (SDV) are only transmitted over our cable system on an as-needed basis. As a result, SDV uses system capacity more efficiently than the traditional, always-on method. This frees up bandwidth and allows Oceanic Time Warner Cable to offer its customers additional digital channels and HD digital channels. Some existing services may be delivered using SDV in order to make additional bandwidth available. Once channels are delivered using SDV, they will no longer be available to CableCARD devices like TiVo HD DVRs, unless you have a Tuning Adapter.


The Tuning Adapter with CableCARD devices

Once channels are switched, they will no longer be available to CableCARD devices, also known as UDCPs. These CableCARD devices sold at retail are designed to view one-way broadcast channels and cannot display switched (SDV) channels, which require two-way communication. A Tuning Adapter can be connected to a compatible CableCARD device, enabling that device to display switched channels.

Tuning Adapter
Tuning Adapter

The Tuning Adapter with the Cable card will allow SDV and premium channels. However, Pay-Per-View and the program guide will not be available.

The number of devices compatible with the Tuning Adapter may change, but for now these are the compatible devices:

  • Tivo (TiVo Series 3, TiVo HD or TiVo HD XL) TiVo HD DVR
  • Moxi
  • OCUR (connected to PC running Windows 7)


Oceanic Time Warner Cable is making available Tuning Adapters in those locations using SDV. If you have a compatible CableCARD device listed above, you can order a Tuning Adapter, and we will notify you when they are available.

You can order a Tuning Adapter now by filling out an order form. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The Digital Adapter, also known as DTA

The Digital Adapter is a box used for Basic TV or Standard TV Service. They allow older TVs to access Digital Only Basic and Standard channels.

Digital Adapter
Digital Adapter, DTA

Parental controls are available with the Digital Adapter. However, Premium Channels, Pay-Per-View, and the program guide are not available. Switched Digital Video (SDV) is not compatible with this service.

For those subscribers who have Basic TV or Standard TV Service and do not have digital TV, the Digital Adapter is available for $0.99 monthly. There are other options that offer additional functionality. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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