How To Order Pay Per View


How to Order PPV

Access Pay-Per-View starting on Ch 701, and preview highlights on Ch 700. View the schedule of PPV Events using the GUIDE.

  • To order, tune to the desired PPV Channel.
  • The title, event time, & price will display.
  • Press to order up to 15 minutes after the event has begun.
  • Confirm your order.
  • If the PPV PIN is enabled, enter your PIN to confirm your order. (Default PIN may be 1234 or 0000). The default PIN would be “0000” for existing digital customers, but newly installed digital customers would have a default PIN of “1234”.
  • If the PPV PIN is disabled, Press [B] a second time to confirm your order.

For more information on setting up your cable box, refer to our TV Users Guide, available by following this link.