Agreements with Programmers

December 15, 2014

Time Warner Cable’s agreements with programmers and broadcasters to carry their services and stations routinely expire from time to time. We are usually able to obtain renewals or extensions of such agreements, but in order to comply with applicable regulations, we must inform you when an agreement is about to expire. The following agreements are due to expire soon, and we may be required to cease carriage of one or more of these services/stations in the near future:

  • American Life/YouToo Digital
  • Jewelry TV Digital
  • Jewelry TV HD
  • KFVE/KGMD Analog
  • KFVE Digital
  • KGMB Digital
  • KHNL Digital
  • KIKU Analog
  • KIKU Digital
  • NHL Network Digital
  • NHL Network HD
  • Outdoor Channel Digital
  • Outdoor Channel HD
  • The Weather Channel Analog
  • The Weather Channel Digital
  • The Weather Channel HD
  • ZAP2IT

In addition, from time to time we make certain changes in the services we offer in order to better serve our customers. The following changes are planned:

Statewide, on or about 12/15/14, New Tang Dynasty Ch. 68 will be removed from the digital lineup; Share Your Table HD Ch. 1320 and Oiwi HD Ch. 1326 will be added to the Digital Variety Pak and to customers with Standard Service with a Premium Package; and The Green Channel HD Ch. 1330 will be added to our digital lineup and will be available to customers with a digital cable box.

Statewide, on or about 12/17/14, Interactive Starz Ch. 661 and 1661 will be added to the digital lineup and will be included with all digital cable boxes.

Statewide, on or about 12/30/14, Destination America Ch. 334 and Destination America HD Ch. 1334 will be added to the Digital Variety Pak; Investigation Discovery Ch. 336 and Investigation Discovery HD Ch. 1336 will be added to Digital Standard Service; ShopHQ HD Ch. 1150 will be added to Digital Standard Service.

Statewide, from 12/30/14 – 1/3/15, Oceanic Time Warner Cable will temporarily make NGN Ch. 677and NGN3 Ch. 679 available to all Digital Standard Service subscribers as a free preview. These channels may contain PG, PG–13, TV–14, TVMA and R-rated programs. To find out how to block these channels, and for more parental control information, visit or call 643-2337. Programming is subject to change. Not all services available in all areas. Digital Cable Box required. Restrictions may apply.

The following service(s) will require two-way capable digital cable-ready equipment such as a Time Warner Cable-provided set-top box or a CableCARD-equipped Unidirectional Digital Cable product (UDCP) such as a TiVo or Moxi HD DVR used in conjunction with a Tuning Adapter. Other UDCPs may not be able to access these services without additional equipment, such as a set-top box: Destination America, Destination America HD, Investigation Discovery HD, Share Your Table HD, Oiwi HD and The Green Channel HD, Starz Interactive and ShopHQ HD.

Oceanic, Time Warner Cable

*may not be available in all areas