CableCARD Information

What is it?

The Time Warner CableCARD is a new technology that gives you the option to connect to TV without a set-top box on the new generation of Digital Cable Ready devices sold at retail.

The CableCARD provides you with direct access to digital and analog cable programming, HD (High Definition) programming, and subscription to premium cable channels like HBO, Cinemax, and more.

Is a CableCARD right for you?

A CableCARD connection offers cable service without a Digital Cable Television and set-top box, but there are limitations.

CableCARD does not provide access to the following:

  • On Demand with iCONTROL functions that enable you to pause, fast-forward, and rewind On Demand programming, including Movies On Demand, Premiums On Demand, Favorites On Demand
  • Interactive Program Guide / Music Choice
  • Season Sports Packages such as NBA League Pass
  • Interactive and Enhanced TV services, such as games
  • Pay-Per-View

Customers who want the easy-to-use on-screen guide and interactive features of digital cable service will want to connect via a Time Warner Cable digital set-top box. Your personal needs are your guide to selecting the connection that works best for you.

How do I get it?

Contact us at Time Warner Cable to obtain a CableCARD. Like a cable set-top box, the CableCARD is available to lease for a monthly fee. And like your current cable connection, it is activated and serviced by Time Warner Cable to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Features at a glance. Digital Cable Ready Device.

Digital Cable Box
Basic & Digital Cable ProgramsYesYes
Crystal Clear Picture & SoundYesYes
Premium Channels: HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz!, TMCYesYes
High Definition (HD) ChannelsYesYes
Pay-Per-View (PPV)NoYes
Two-Way Programming and Services, including:
-Interactive Program Guide / Music Choice
On Demand with iCONTROL, such as Movies On Demand, Premiums On Demand, etc.NoYes
Season Sports Packages, such as NBA League PassNoYes
Interactive and Enhanced TV services, such as Games, Interactive News, etc.NoYes

Quick Facts

  • A Digital Cable Ready Device is required for use with a CableCARD.
  • Provides access to analog and digital TV, HD programming, and subscription to premium channels.
  • Does not provide access to PPV, two-way programming and services, such as Interactive Program Guide, Movies On Demand, Premiums On Demand, and Season Sports Packages.
  • Works exclusively in your local Time Warner Cable viewing area.
  • Activated, serviced, and leased monthly through Time Warner Cable.

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