Conditions of Service / Installation Policy

  1. We are responsible for periodically doing area maintenance and for providing and maintaining service to your home and all equipment installed that belongs to us. We will not be responsible for anything to do with your TV set, including damage.
  2. You pay, in advance, for our monthly service charges plus tax. A minimum of one month must be paid on all services. These charges may change from time to time. Bills not paid within 15 days of receipt are considered overdue.
  3. We typically use up to 200 feet of cable to bring service from a utility pole to your home. The cable comes through one of your outside walls and connects to your TV set. You guarantee us that you have the permission of the owner of your home to do what is necessary to give you cable service. If we are required to do extra services or if you request extra services, it may cost additional fees. We will inform you of additional fees before we begin work. Our regular installation fee does not include trenching, digging or putting in a new conduit.
  4. You agree that we have your permission and you will get whatever other permission is needed for us to enter your property for maintaining or removing our equipment and to let us use any utility easements on your property.
  5. With the exception of A/B switches and their associated cables, all equipment placed in your home remains the property of Oceanic Cable. This includes any addressable cable box we may install in your home. You agree not to allow any change, removal, disturbance or alteration of our equipment without our agreement. Except for normal wear and tear, you agree to pay the following amounts for any equipment you damage, lose or fail to return at the conclusion of service:
    • Starts from $31.20 for each hand-held wireless remote control unit
    • $150 for each non-addressable box
    • $325 for each addressable box (analog & digital)
    • $140.63 per modem
    • DVR and HD DVR $600.00
    • Plus any attorney’s fees to be paid by us in enforcing this agreement

    You are also responsible for the batteries in the hand-held wireless remote control unit after the ones we give you wear out. Please notify Oceanic immediately if you lose or damage a hand-held wireless remote control unit. Upon conclusion of service, return the equipment to one of our drop off locations. Or, Oceanic can pick up equipment from your home for $15 each item.

  6. We will not be responsible if our service to you is interrupted by circumstances beyond our control. Because Oceanic does not own the poles our cable is attached to, we cannot guarantee continued service. You agree that you won’t make a claim against us or anyone else if your service is discontinued.
  7. Non-payment of your cable bill or non-compliance with these rules allows Oceanic to discontinue your service after a 72-hour warning and remove equipment from your home. Equipment that is not removable is still considered Oceanic Cable’s property.
  8. If a guest, visitor, resident or other person makes a claim against us because of the installation or operation of our equipment in your home, and if the claim is not a direct result of our negligence, you agree to hold us harmless and indemnify us from those claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.
  9. You agree that there have been no other promises made by us to you except those in this agreement. This agreement begins when we provide you with our service.
  10. Should there be a change in our fees, charges, deposits, billing practices, programming or in other associated areas and conditions related to your cable service we will do our best to notify you in advance. We may send you a notice in the mail, post a message on our program guide channel, place announcements in the newspaper, etc.

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