You set the boundaries

Set limits on your kids’ TV time with easy-to-use tools and helpful resources. Block TV programming at your discretion – by channel, rating, genre and time of day.

Watch a video that shows how to set Parental Controls on your TWC TV equipment.

Top Parental Control Features

Block a TV show, series or channel

Feel a particular show or series is inappropriate? You can block one episode, an entire series and individual channels. If you watch with TWC TV, manage your Parental Control settings online online in My Account.

Block by rating

Block any show rated TV-PG, TV-14 or TV-MA. It’s a broader solution to help you filter programming that you feel is too mature for your kids.

Block by time slots

Use TV Parental Controls to restrict access by time slot – and make sure dinner, homework and bedtime won’t become TV time.

Lift restrictions anytime

Use your PIN any time you want to turn off Parental Controls. This way you can enjoy the shows you want when you want.

Parental Control FAQs

How can I control what my child watches?
Help your kids find quality programming with the Guide, and use Parental Controls to block programs you don’t want them to watch. Note: TV Parental Controls settings do not affect online or device Parental Controls and must be configured independently.

What Parental Controls are offered?
You can set up blocks according to a show’s channel, rating, time period or title to help control the programs your children watch on TV. Please note that setting parental controls on your TV equipment is separate from the parental controls that you would set via TWC TV® for watching online, on a smartphone or on a tablet.

What is a V-Chip?
A V-Chip electronically reads television program ratings. This device, built into most new TV sets, allows parents to block programs they don’t want their children to see. V-Chipped TVs will display the V-Chip option on the television’s menu. Check with your TV manufacturer if you are not sure whether your set has one.

For more information, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
More information on Parental Controls from our support page.

To receive all services, digital TV, remote and lease of a Digital Set-Top Box are required. Some services are not available to CableCARD customers. Not all equipment supports all services. Start Over® is available on select shows from participating networks. All services and channels may not be available in all areas. Subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply.

If you are not a Digital Cable customer (i.e., either you don’t have a set-top box or are unsure of your level of service), our trained service professionals can help you find the best way to set up parental controls in your home. Please Contact Us to learn more about what solutions are available.

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