TV Cable Service Guarantee

If, within 30 days of initial connection to basic cable, you are not completely satisfied, we will remove it and give you a complete refund.

Installation and Service Guarantee

In our Service Guarantee to you, Oceanic Time Warner Cable pledges the following:

  • Guaranteed on-time installation appointments. Free installation for late service.
  • Guaranteed on-time service appointments. When we make your service appointment, we’ll be on time or you get $20 credit.
  • The Cable Service Guarantee applies at all times unless there are circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters, severe weather, power failures or labor disputes.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable Service Maintenance Policy

Oceanic’s cable system is built to be reliable. However, if you should lose your cable service, please call our System Status Hotline at (808) 643-2100. This will quickly tell you if there is an area outage affecting your neighborhood. If you have a reception problem, please call our Repair Department at (808) 625-8200. Our highly trained personnel will do everything they can to correct the problem while you are on the phone. If a home visit is necessary, we will try to schedule it for a time convenient to you.

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