As a standard television service customer, enjoy America’s most popular cable networks. You can choose to add premium channels to your existing service.

The listing on this page reflects our standard, non-discounted prices. Lower prices may be found by choosing one of our Packages, or by asking us if there are special prices available.

Monthly Price:Basic Service: includes 17 channels$16.04
Standard Service: includes 64 channels (17 Basic and an additional 47 channels)$64.74
Broadcast TV Fee$2.25
Type of Box:None, if you have a "cable-ready" TV set. Addressable Box required for Optional Services
Digital Adapter (DTA)

A Digital Adapter may be required to receive our Digital Basic level of service. For more information on DTAs, go to our Adapter Devices page. While DTAs enable viewing of Digital Basic and Digital Standard levels of service, there are other options that offer added functionality. Please call 643-2100 for details.
Additional Monthly Fees:Franchise Fee**:5%
State Tax**:4.712% (Oahu) 4.166% (Hilo, Kona, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai)

**Applied to all charges
Installation Charges:Standard/Basic – up to 3 outlets:$29.99
Each additional TV connection after first 3:$19.99 each
Reconnection charge:$54.99 inside

$18.99 outside only
Each additional TV connection: (separate trip)$29.99
$18.99 outside only
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Minimum one month service charge. Prices and services are subject to change. Dollar amounts shown are monthly residential prices unless otherwise stated. Subscribers on military bases subject to military franchise fees (Navy franchise fee is $1.20). * Customers outside of Oahu should contact their local cable affiliate for basic cable prices.

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