Start the show when you’re ready.

Restart a show that’s already in progress. Now you won’t miss a minute of your show when you’re running late – so go ahead, answer the phone or grab a snack in the kitchen.

Top Start Over Features

Restart 20,000+ shows

Enjoy over 20,000 Start Over-enabled shows on dozens of Start Over-enabled channels. The list is always growing. Start Over is included with your digital TV service.

Restart a show already in progress

To restart a show, just press Select on your remote when you see the Start Over prompt. Plus, programs can be restarted multiple times within the TV show’s live time frame.

Change the channel

Think of Start Over as a TV bookmark. Change the channel, then change back and your show will resume where you left off – as long as the show is still within its live time frame.

Start Over FAQs

What is Start Over? Where do I find it?
Start Over is a feature included with your digital TV service that allows you to restart certain shows already in progress. To see if the channel you’re watching supports Start Over, press the Select button on your remote. You’ll be prompted with a menu of options if Start Over is available.

How do I get Start Over?
Start Over is automatically included with your digital TV service – there is no need to sign up separately. If you have our digital TV service, you can begin using Start Over immediately.

What’s the difference between Start Over and a DVR?
With DVRs, you set shows in advance to record and watch them later. DVRs also offer VCR-like functions like pause, rewind and fast-forward. With Start Over, you don’t have to remember to set a show to record and can watch instantly, even if the show is already in progress.

Can I use Start Over at any point during a show?
Yes, you can restart a Start Over-enabled program at any point during its broadcast. For example, if a program airs from 7 to 7:30, you will be able to restart it at any time during that half hour.

Popular channels* that offer Start Over:

ChannelHD ChanChannel NameIDHD ID
1091109Fox News ChannelFNCHDFNC
3211321Food NetworkFOODHFOOD
3231323Home & Garden TVHGTVHHGTV
3271327History Channel, TheHISTHHIST
3291328Animal PlanetANPLH2HD
3311331TLC (The Learning Channel)TLCHTLC
3471347Nat'l Geographic ChannelNGC
4421442ABC Family ChannelFAMHDSNY
4441444Disney ChannelDISHDSXD
4531453Hallmark Movie ChannelHALLHHALL
5451545Comedy CentralCMDYHCMDY
5481548Biography ChannelBIOHBIO
5551555USA NetworkUSAHUSA
5591559Spike TVSPIKE
785Home & Garden TVHGTV
786Food NetworkFOOD
790Disney ChannelDIS

*Start Over Channel Lineup subject to change without notice.Disclaimer: To receive all services, TV, remote and lease of a Digital set-top box are required. Some services are not available to CableCARD customers. Not all equipment supports all services. Start Over™ is available on select shows from participating networks. All services and channels may not be available in all areas. Subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply.

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